About And1 Academy

And1 Academy is based in North County San Diego. Our Home Gym is located in San Marcos and our players live in the surrounding communities. 

And1 Academy is a basketball club dedicated to providing opportunities for young men and women to develop their individual and team skills, compete, and prepare for the next level of play. We work with all our young athletes to develop short and long term goals and a comprehensive plan to achieve them. For those looking to play at the high school, collegiate and professional levels we provide a platform/exposure opportunities and continue to motivate and inspire them to make their dreams a reality.

Just as the basketball term And1 represents an opportunity beyond the shot, so too does this club stand for something beyond just basketball skills. At And1 Academy we place just as much emphasis on skill development as we do on character development with the hope that these core values carry through in everything our young men and women do for the rest of their lives…


  • Character – We compete hard but we always play with class, showing respect for our teammates, coaches, our opponents and referees. We are honest and trustworthy and take ownership of our actions.
  • Passion – We are committed to getting better every day. We practice and play with high energy and enthusiasm because we love what we do. We aren’t afraid of making mistakes…we learn from them.
  • Unity – Team first! We play selflessly because it makes our team stronger. We encourage each other. We push one another to get better with positive energy. We develop strong relationships off the court which enhance our chemistry on the court.
  • Resilience – We NEVER EVER quit. We give 100% every day. We play through our mistakes together.
  • Appreciation – We make the most of every experience we are given and use it to grow and learn. We are grateful for every opportunity we and our teammates are awarded. We will enjoy this moment and make lasting memories!
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