And1 Academy is based in North County San Diego. Our Home Gym is located in San Marcos and our players live in the surrounding communities. 

And1 Academy is a basketball club dedicated to providing opportunities for young men and women to develop their individual and team skills, compete, and prepare for the next level of play. We work with all our young athletes to develop short and long term goals and a comprehensive plan to achieve them. For those looking to play at the high school, collegiate and professional levels we provide a platform/exposure opportunities and continue to motivate and inspire them to make their dreams a reality.

Just as the basketball term And1 represents an opportunity beyond the shot, so too does this club stand for something beyond just basketball skills. At And1 Academy we place just as much emphasis on skill development as we do on character development with the hope that these core values carry through in everything our young men and women do for the rest of their lives…



Who Runs And1 Academy?

Coach Lara Kahler is the Founder and Head Coach of And1 Academy. She has 27 years of experience coaching a mix of basketball and soccer at the recreational and competitive levels, both boys and girls, ages 4 years old through the high school level. Coach Kahler believes that in addition to building basketball skills it is critical these young athletes develop strong teamwork and character traits that will carry with them for the rest of their careers and lives. She takes great pride in working with all her athletes to develop short and long term goals and helping them achieve their fullest potential. She believes strongly that even at the most competitive levels there must be an element of fun to develop and maintain in these young athletes a love for the sport that will extend their careers to the highest level they want to pursue.

Does And1 Academy play year-round basketball?

The short answer is yes. And1 Academy offers 4 seasons of basketball. Fall, Winter and Spring are primarily league play. Summer consists of 3-4 tournaments. Teams compete at a level of play commiserate with the skill level of the team. The higher level teams will do more traveling, while the developmental teams will primarily stay local. 

How much is it to join And1 Academy?

If your player has been evaluated and you’re considering joining the And1 Academy, the cost to join is VERY affordable compared to other travel basketball organizations. For our current price structure email info@and1academy.com

When and how long are practices?

It varies depending on the season but typically we practice 2 times per week and play one game a week. Practices are generally 1.5-2 hours long with our coaches maximizing every available minute.

Can my child play other sports and And1 Academy basketball?

Absolutely! And1 Academy strongly believes multi-sports athletes make the best athletes. We continually work with our players to maximize their time on the court with other sports they are interested in pursuing.

Where does And1 Academy play most of their games?

Our home court is Corky Smith Gym located in San Marcos. For League play we partner with Thrive SD and most games are played at Miramar College.


We compete hard but we always play with class, showing respect for our teammates, coaches, our opponents and referees. We are honest and trustworthy and take ownership of our actions.

We are committed to getting better every day. We practice and play with high energy and enthusiasm because we love what we do. We aren’t afraid of making mistakes…we learn from them.

Team first! We play selflessly because it makes our team stronger. We encourage each other. We push one another to get better with positive energy. We develop strong relationships off the court which enhance our chemistry on the court.

We NEVER EVER quit. We give 100% every day. We play through our mistakes together.

We make the most of every experience we are given and use it to grow and learn. We are grateful for every opportunity we and our teammates are awarded. We will enjoy this moment and make lasting memories!

We encourage our players to be dedicated to their goals both on and off the court. We help provide skills that they can apply to their goals and will always be their biggest cheerleader!


For questions or more information contact Coach Lara

Contact Coach Lara